I expect that this page will be updated over time. 

Hello everyone, I’m Lanna, the crazy person who decided that Maine needed an online presence for our Feisty and Feminist Maine women. So I am responsible for this rodeo.

We don’t have any rules yet, per say, because we just started and no one has gotten into any shenanigans.

This community, from the get go, will be inclusive: We accept all persons who identify as women.

To start, here are  some guidelines.

  • Be respectful.
  • Be honest.
  • Have fun.

(Note: The first comment you make will likely be moderated, to help avoid spam bots. This is not personal.)

Important: I will not tolerate cruel or abusive content or behavior on this site. I reserve the right to delete content and refuse access to anyone based on their behavior.

Phobic content will not be tolerated, whether it be gender-related or not.

I am being clear now because I know that some people like to visit webpages and stir shit up. Not anyone I’ve invited to the project, but if TheMainetrix gets as popular as I hope it does, trolls might visit. This post serves as my initial stop-gap. John Scalzi calls it his mallet of loving correction. This preemptive clarification.

So post and have fun!